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Introducing SustainableMe

Be the Change:

 inspirational talks, online courses and workshops and events in Sustainable Living

SustainableMe offers various services to individuals, companies and organizations to think and act sustainably. SustainableMe draws on 20 years of experience, research and best practices from across the globe, using empowerment methods, vision workshops, participatory and mindfulness approaches


Be the Change: Live more sustainably in toughts and actions

SustainableMe supports and inspires businesses, organisations and individuals to transition to a sustainable lifestyle and contribute to a happier and more sustainable world.

Consultancy and strategic planning

SustainableMe offers workshop, and consultancies tailored your needs. 

SustainableMe uses strategic planning, vision workshops, participatory and mindfulness approaches based on your needs online or in person. 


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Online courses and workshops

We bring people together so you get practical tips and a local and global community to help you live green and respectfully of mother nature.

You develop healthy and sustainable habits in the way you think and act: in relationships, in your worklife and in the way you consume.

Become more aware of how your thoughts and actions impact nature, the planet and others.

Discover what you can do right now to bring more joy and consciousness about how you think, eat, travel, dress, invest etc. Get easy, practical and fun tips. 

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