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Sustainability and mindfulness - how are they connected?

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Usually when we talk about sustainability and climate, it is about making difficult choices that change our consumption habits so that our impact on the environment, nature and other people is less bad. It can involve difficult choices, such as reducing meat consumption (or not eating meat at all), buying more expensive organic food and finding alternatives that can be a little more cumbersome. But there can also often be a difference between our values ​​of saving the climate and protecting nature for the sake of our children, and then our usual patterns of consumption and norms, which make change difficult. This is where mindfulness comes in. Mindfulness is not just about turning our eyes inward and creating more peace, inner joy and acceptance, but it is also about how we act outwardly and our awareness of ourselves, our behaviour and the world. Mindfulness can create important inner and outer change, which can help to make sustainable change a journey of consciousness and change that creates both inner and outer joy, for example by not constantly relying on buying new to be happy, comparing ourselves to others or continuing our usual patterns and behaviour. Mindfulness can help to act with more thoughtfulness and greater love for oneself and others. But we need tips and a community to help us along. That's why I created SustainableMe, so eventually we can become SustainableWE.

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