Through my own practice as a researcher, teacher, project manager, mother, wife and consumer, I have experienced the challenges to living sustainably. I know all the pitfalls, the social, economic, habitual, behavioral and structural barriers. I have found a way around these barriers, a lot of meaning and a more joyful life in living sustainably and consciously with respect of the planet.

  • Trained Sustainable develolpment goals (SDG) Consultant 

  • Spaceholder for groups, and skilled in Mindfulness training and compassionate leadership facilitator

  • Excellence in public speaking,  group facilitation and course development

  • Inspiring teaching and writing in sustainable living, climate friendly cooking, gardening, circular economy and mindful consumption for 15 years.

  • Experienced facilitator of vision workshops and citizen and employee participation.

  • Strong partnership and networking experience

  • 10 years of research and practice in working with children, youth and women on sustainability issues, action competence and mindfulness.

  • Professional career in education, UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation and World Health Organization, and as food policy analyst. 

  • PhD. in Integrated Food Studies  MA in Environmental Planning (social and technological planning), BA in International Studies.